Welcome to Redemption Ogden



585 39th Street
South Ogden, UT 84403


Due to our location, parking can be a bit tricky on Sundays. There is parking all along 39th Street, as well as additional parking to the north of our building (in the back alley).

Many people choose to park a the lot adjacent to South Ogden City Hall, as it is just a quick walk through 40th Street Park to reach our building.

Once you arrive at the building, the main doors are around the corner from the sidewalk and up the steps. Follow the signs to find the main entrance, and once there, feel free to grab a cup of coffee or hot chocolate!

There is dedicated handicap parking on the corner of the building, and a wheelchair accessible entrance with ramp through the back of the building.


Inside The Building

Once you enter the building, the auditorium will be immediately to your left. To the right, you will find restrooms on either side of the hallway. There are additional restrooms halfway down the hallway as well.

At the end of the hall is our Redemption Kids area. This is where you may check in and drop of your children for a special time of age appropriate activities and bible learning.


Worship services are about 60 minutes long.



8:45 AM



10:00 AM



11:15 AM

Current Sermons Series

Ever wondered how the church got its start? Join us on a fascinating journey as we explore the book of Acts!